• www.thecure.com - The Official Website of The Cure.
  • A Chain of Flowers - The most up-to-date info on The Cure.
  • Stiff as Toys and Tall as Men
  • Club America - Home to the U.S. Cure Fan Club.
  • A Strange Day
  • Deep Green Sea - browse through hundreds of Cure photos, a portfolio of original artwork, a collection of Real Audio files, and much more.
  • Torture - discography, videography, and biographies on past and present group members.
  • Cure Resources - A comprehensive list of all cure resources located anywhere on the internet.
  • A Foolish Arrangement - lyrics to Faith (live), pictures, and my trade list.
  • MintCure - downloadable themes, pictures, icons and fonts.
  • Prayers for Rain - features history, discography, pictures, lyrics, chat, MIDI, and more.


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