UPDATE: 14/11/98 (yes, after all this time)

Hello. Just a brief note to say that 'Linearity' is now out under KFMF - my track from the KFMF Archive CD II, and 'Opportunity', a commercial CD to which I contributed, is out too so grab it. In addition, I've decided to put ALL of the tunes that I've released over the last couple of years - as well as a few unreleased tracks - into one zipfile for download. It's 6.3 megs and you can download it here. Feel free to check out the handful of tunes below, or pay a visit to the Hornet website and make a search for "screamager".

For a decent Win95 module player, Modplug Player can't be beaten. Click on the link to download it so you can hear the songs.

"Pretenders" - SC-PRTND.ZIP- 73k - The Trackering 29 Winner [19.2.97]
Punchy, hard-hitting and a variety of a similar adjectives doled out fresh from the cliché bowl.

"Aerosol" - K_AERO.ZIP- 442k - KFMF Release and CD Track [21.2.97]
Featured on the Scope CD 'Opportunity' and the 'Shot' Compilation CD, both from Germany. Melodic trance makes your brain go tick tock.

"Pandorra's Box" - K_PBOX.ZIP- 36k - The soundtrack of Valhalla's "Brighten the Corners"intro which won the X'97/Takeover party in Holland last year [26.4.97]

"The Shadow Exploded" - K_SHADOW.ZIP- 99k - MC5 Track [11.9.97]
Well that's the last time I enter a tune with Trackering samples into a music compo. Synthpop.

"Innuendo" - SC-INNU.ZIP- 167k - 3rd place GC II Compo [10.11.97]
"Melodic techno" is the umbrella word of choice, although "nostalgic" could be a better description.

"Linearity" - K_LNRTY.ZIP- 629k - CD Track [9.10.98]
The full CD-quality version of my track from the KFMF Archive CD II, this is a wikked driving acid track.

"TUNES" - SC-TUNES.ZIP- 6.3 megs - Compilation [1994-1998]
The complete collection of my released music together with some PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACKS including:
All my KFMF releases (1997-)- All my Radical Rhythms releases (1996-1997)- All my Traxx (ack!) releases (1994-1996)- The CD-quality version of 'Aerosol'- Party tunes, unreleased tracks (like 'Quadrophonia' and 'Grey') and cherries on top!

It's time for a new beginning - coming soon.

I *am* still alive and kicking. Ifyou don't believe me, mail me at and find out.

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